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Dizzy Blonde Studios Store Update

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Welcome to Dizzy Blonde Studios! Hi, I’m La, so glad you could stop by. I’m a knitter and fiber enthusiast who has now ventured into the creative application of color to string as a new artistic outlet. Whether you’d describe my colorways as “subtly variegated” or “tonally shifting solids” they are fresh and unique.

I hope you see something you like. If you do, click on the picture and it’ll take you to that item in my Etsy store.

I you would like advanced notice of store updates please Email Me and I’ll add you to the mailing list.

All my yarn is hand-dyed in small batches, so even though colorways will be repeated, every dyelot will vary slightly.

My next store update will be April 4 at approximately 10:00am PST.

Be seeing you!




Daryl-text Daryl

Not only does she knit, but she’s one of the earth’s visible and influential advocates.  Oh yes, she is QUITE green.  On the screen Her name is both unpronounceable by the human tongue and inaudible by the human ear, so we’ll just call her Madison.  Whatever you call her, she’s sure to make a huge splash in Neptune’s Garden ~NEW!~


Faith-text Faith

Gazing out the tour bus window, she watches  America’s heartland roll by, drawing upon memories of home:  A child’s hand clutching an assortment of hand-picked blue bonnets, lilac & cornflowers.  Her smile blooms.  “I love you mommy” perfectly conveyed with this simple Child’s Bouquet


Ginger Ginger

“Action!” he cries, then as a hush falls over the packed house, no one sees the blue eye peeking from behind the velvet curtains. With a nervous smile, she smooths the chiffon and then finds her mark beside her dance partner, the music begins, the curtains part…   Three Coins in a Fountain?  Nope!  Just My 2 cents


Farrah Farrah

That dazzling smile, the knowing sparkle in her eyes, the flawlessly tanned complexion, and her ideal figure made her the locker-door pin-up girl of the 70s. Her gentle strength, her beauty and her intelligence made her the idol or many a teen-age girl, but her hair is what made her legendary and as mythical as a Gryphon’s Mane


Betty Betty

Twin sapphires set to perfection against flawless blush and alabaster; her gaze thrown coquettishly over her right shoulder. Her likeness pinned to every barracks wall, America’s sweetheart reminds our boys that some things are worth fighting for AND worth coming home to. And in those eyes, the promise of…My Blue Heaven


Diana Diana

Alluringly innocent, the sincerity of her modest smile reaches her eyes, the blushing bride alights from the horse-drawn carriage. Rose petals of varying hues lead the way. Nervous, but resolved, she takes those final steps to a new life. Those steps that lead her to a whole new world…a world where she becomes beloved…England’s Rose


Michelle Michelle

It’s the other Manhattan, the one where the setting sun meets the Pacific. The scent of salt and suntan oil mingle with the tang of citrus. It’s her first margarita, but she’s already feeling its effect as the sun sinks into the ocean. She pours herself another, then another quieting her racing mind, knowing the morning will bring another Tequila Sunrise


Veronica Veronica

A trench coat with a turned up a collar and a fedora hides her peek-a-boo blues. In the shadow of a deserted pier, she awaits, watching the weak glow of the light from the lamp post reach for and shimmer upon the water, colors shifting purple to violet to black and gray and then back again, a phrase spring to mind… Lac Noir


Scarlett Scarlett

She wears it well, the fascade of innocence her puritanical society would impose upon her. Yet she chooses the pigments with a jaded eye: The sanguinary, the lusty…the reds. She must hurry, for, at the insistence of his patron, she is to be immortalized on canvas, though in so doing she seals her fate as the Tragic Cherry


Olivia Olivia

Fronds of fern and ancient moss-covered standing stones carry dappled shadows as they dance in cool, earth-scented breezes. Her voice is the rustling leaves of oak and ash and the trickle of a distant brook, sweetly singing. Whether young or old, innocent or jaded, mundane or enchanted, all seek solace and wisdom in the Sylvan Glade.


Goldie Goldie

The breeze stirs a distant wind chime and carries its laughter upon its breath. The hazy sunshine stirs the scent of clover and goldenrod and daffodils while industry buzzes, darts within the petals…As she laughs, the sound is golden and earthy and as sweet as the amber nectar entombed in each Honeycomb





Dancin’ Nanners

What’s more fun than a barrel of monkeys?  How about a plurk filled with dancin’ nanners?

Nothing says “Hang in there fretting friend” nor can brighten the day of a pensive plurker better than a chorus line of prettified prancing plantains. ~NEW!~


SlipperySlope-text Slippery Slope

“Any departure from fact is the first step on a slippery slope toward unbelievability” ~William A. Henry III

Whether you are led down it, or go it solo, it’s not a path to be tread lightly or by the fool-hearty.  A single misstep can send you tumbling into the inescapable Abyss of Wank.


WoeCake WoeCake

“Cake or Death!” ~Eddie Izzard

Not a very difficult decision now is it?  What’s not to like about chocolate and caramel and ooey-gooey fudgy goodness?  But, at the center of this one hides a heart of over-cooked tragic-cherry, not to be taken lightly, because, you know…knitting is serious effin’ business!




Doris Doris

Sincere, wholesome and witty, her clear voice soothing, pure in tone. She’s the epitome of the girl next door, and just as mischievous, her eyes twinkling with joyous mirth. Yet as sweet as a summer peach; as lush as a golden pear; as zippy as homemade lemonade…and as beautiful as a Summer Orchard


My sock yarn is a light-fingering 2-ply 100% superwash merino.  Each unique colorway has been named after the classic blonde who inspired them.

Each skein is approximately 560 yds/115 grams/4oz.of luscious 2-ply 100% Merino superwash, more than enough to make a pair of soft, cushy socks. Gauge:  8-10 spi on #0-1




Martha-text Martha

So she built an empire by taking what was once considered blase, feminine middle-class mediocrity and turning it into something oh so Trendy-Chic and exciting.  But, she got her hand caught in the proverbial cookie jar, now didn’t she?  And to make matters even worse, she made the poncho trendy.   THE PONCHO people!  What were you thinking?


Joan-text Joan

Utilizing her amazing biting sarcasm and snarky wit, this blonde has always played dirty.  That gravely voice, those piercing eyes.  You always knew when someone was in her cross hairs!  And now she’s brought her cub into the mix too!    It was a winning combination until she saw that last “surgeon”.  Egads!  Orange you glad it wasn’t you?


ZhaZha-text ZhaZha

Some peoples’ hobbies are crafty…others are sporty, and still others go artsy.  Leave it to this talented Hungarian-born beauty to make a hobby out of marriage.  And cop-slapping, or would that be considered an art?  At any rate, I bet she looked hideous in an orange jumpsuit. Pink is my signature color, Dahlink!


Helen-text Helen

Hers was hailed as the most classic of beauties.    Golden hair, pale flawless skin, and a figure that men would fight over…and they did.  She put the ill in The Iliad. Just because her fickle heart and inflated ego preferred another, she caused a war of epic proportions.  The face that launched a thousand ships…riiiiiiiiight!


Xtina-text Xtina

Purple is the color of my diva’s…hair?  stockings?  bra & panties?  Yes, and displayed proudly and very openly on this little songstress.  What she lacks in modesty, she more than makes up for in raw talent, because, dang, can she belt it out!  But, unless you’re an androgynous pop star from the 80s, who does that to their name, seriously?


Pamela-text Pamela

Not known for being the brightest crayon in the box, hands down  she’s gotta be one of the sexiest.  And her marriages to naughty boy rock and rollers only helped her set her firmly on the path to Dirty Blondedom, not to mention her “home movies”.  But she did more for the little red one-piece than Angelina did for lipstick.


Brad-text Brad

He did Thelma AND Louise, got it on with a Cool Cartoon, showed us all his Achilles, errr…HEEL, and broke up his marriage over a pair of lips.  How could someone so handsome, so talented, so ROWR, be so smarmy and dirty?  Maybe that’s why we love him so.  Oh, and yeah, I DO think Ted Nugent wants his shirts back.


Jessica-text Jessica

Never one to be accused of performing effortless brain surgery, did she really think sporting the Mom Jeans of Doom was a stroke of brilliance?   Only if you subscribe to the addage “There’s no such thing as bad publicity.”  Just keep eating that Chicken of the Sea chicken, and leave the thinking to the people who are used to doing it, mmmkay?


My DK yarn is a 100% superwash merino and kettled dyed to perfection.  As with the sock yarn, each unique colorway has been named after the “slightly tarnished” blonde who inspired them.

Each skein is approximately 280 yds/115 grams/4oz. of the same 100% Merino superwash as the Superwash Sock.  Gauge:  5-6 spi on #4-6

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