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Did You Hear That, My Pet?

No t-shirts this year?

That’s right…we are changing things up.

This year we are offering Exclusive Event Ears inspired by this year’s themed character!Ears banner

Each lightweight headband is handcrafted by the very talented, long time Knit Dizzneyteer Cheryle J Kong.

Each pair features a double bow in orchid satin and purple organza flanked by iridescent dragon fire while the Knit Dizzney logo and event year grace the back.

The price for these Exclusive Knit Dizzney 2019 Ears are $15 each.

Here’s the scoop on the official 2017 Knit Dizzney T-shirtsDragon

  • Knit Dizzney participants can pre-order by using the form that I will post immediately after posting all of this year’s swag. On that date I will be embedding the order form into a summary post.  Please scroll to end of post for order form.
  • There is an extremely limited quantity, so get them while supplies last. Quantities will be limited to one per customer.  If you wish to purchase more than one pair, please contact me at
  • Orders will be filled in a first-come, first served basis.  But when they’re gone, they’re gone!.  Deadline for pre-orders is August 23, 2019, while supplies last.  Knit Dizzney participants can pick theirs up at the sleep-over or at the meet-up.
  • You will be invoiced through Paypal, so make sure you include your paypal account email addy on your order form.
  • If there are any ears left after the pre-orders have closed, they will be made available in the Dizzy Blonde Studios store on August 24, 2019.  (I will post a link at that time)

Dark Faerie

Where does the time go?  It just whooshed right by me!  Of course, major construction as we work on building our new studio might have helped a little!.

This year we are doing something a little different regarding the colorways, but we still want to keep the exact details a secret until we reveal both of them.  It’s finally time to unveil the first of two official 2019 Knit Dizzney yarn colorways, and we hope you’ll be pleased!DBS Maleficent Yarn Banner

“Darkest of Hearts” will soon be available for purchase or pre-order!  It’s 100 grams, 400 yards of luscious high-twist MCN sock, in diabolical ebony and wicked violet with fiendish flashes of vicious orchid.  All this scandalous luxury for only $28.

“Darkest of Hearths” will be dyed on an “as ordered” basis, so please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.

“Darkest of Hearts” is available to everyone, but for a limited time only.   If you’re unable to attend Knit Dizzney, and wish to purchase just the yarn, you will be able to do so here, starting August 1st until September 30th, 2018. Otherwise, you can pre-order by using the form that I will post immediately after posting all of this year’s swag.


FFMPre-ordering is only for those who will be attending Knit Dizzney 2019 or for those ordering additional exclusive Knit Dizzney 2019 swag.  Deadline for pre-orders is August 23, 2019.

“A most gratifying day…”

For those who know me well, know that I have been patiently waiting for this character to be our Knit Dizzney theme…

The Magnificent!

The Malevolent!

My favorite mean girl…


Let’s face it, who else would turn a spinning wheel into a lethal weapon?  I’m so excited about this year’s event!  Aren’t you?  Well then, let’s get on with some of the details.

And what’s more appropriate for a celebration of Sleeping Beauty’s nemesis than a sleep-over?

For the first time we will be holding a slumber party Saturday night at the Grand Californian Hotel & Spa.  We have some fun activities in mind, as well as a a viewing of the original Sleeping Beauty full-length animated feature.  Plus, staying on property will give us a jump start on our day in the parks with Magic Hours.  I can barely contain my excitement!

Since we don’t know how many will participate, we are unsure of the exact cost per individual, but we estimate it somewhere between $100 and $150.  The more people who attend the sleep-over, the lower the cost will be for each participant.  There will be a $50 deposit required to secure your spot, for which you will be invoice in a couple of weeks, refundable only until August 23, 2019.  Once pre-registration closes and deposits have been collected which will determine the number of participants, we will be able to finalize the exact cost of the hotel room or suite.

Please use the form below to pre-register for the First Annual Knit Dizzney Sleep Over!  Pre-registration will close August 9, 2019.  Invoices for refundable must be paid no later than August 16th

Knit Dizzney 2019!

teaser-smoke wrap

Saturday & Sunday, September 7-8, 2019

Dizzy Blonde Studios, Lazer Sheep Yarns and Not Knots would like to invite you to come spend the day at the Disneyland Resort and play in the park for Knit Dizzney!! If you wish to spend the day in the park with us, you can purchase tickets online, or purchase them at the park.  The official Knit Dizzney meet-up is free of charge (except for parking) and will be at the Hearthstone Lounge in Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel & Spa from 1:00pm-2:30pm.   However, you are welcome to stay longer if you wish, just all of the games and door prizes will be done by 2:30.

Whether you come for the day to enjoy either park, or join us the meet-up you won’t be missing out on a thing!  We’ll have goodie bags for the first 40 Dizzneyteers to arrive, as well as some fun games and prizes.  Of course, there will be plenty of time to sit, knit/crochet and visit during the most crowded (and hottest) part of the day in the parks.

Remember, the event is free if you’re just coming to the meet-up, however parking is a different story.  Please check the website to see what the current parking fees and time limits are.

This year we are doing things a little differently. As in past years, we will still be offering 2 different exclusive custom-dyed yarn colorways along with a hand-crafted project bag all inspired by this year’s themed character.  (I’m super excited about this one!)  There will also both a theme-inspired knitting pattern and crochet pattern available for purchase.  However, instead of a t-shirt we’s like to offer something different this year:  Custom  Dizzney ears hand-made by our long-time Dizzneyteer, CJ Kong!!!

Additionally we will be hosting a slumber party on Saturday night.  We will have rooms or a suite at the Grand Californian Hotel and Spa for those who would like to enhance their Knit Dizzney experience by joining us for an overnight stay.  We haven’t ironed out all of the activities, yet, but I’m sure a viewing of this year’s theme movie will be a part of it.  We will be going into more detail in a later post, as well which will include a link to preregistration.

Keep watching this space for all details and teasers as they become available!

So save the date and come join us for a weekend of fun, fiber & frivolity!

PS, As always, please no spoilers if you think you know the theme!